Enjoy the silence By D.M.


7 Risposte to “Enjoy the silence By D.M.”

  1. please remove my video from your website


  2. kawaii_Rip,
    because I have to raise the video “Enjoy the silence By Depeche mode ” give me a valid motivation.

  3. I do not want my videos being published on other websites without my permission, that is why.

    And what exactly does “raise the video” mean?

  4. Hi kawaii_Rip,
    considering that you have thought of bad faith,
    I ask you if please I can hold the video in my website.
    If you want I can put the site of origin.
    If you believe that is a damage to publish a simple video,
    I remove him/it.
    Hi make to know me.
    PS: no have done with ache intention!

  5. Edit.
    You keep in mind that I/you/they are 2 weeks that are without pc and I are connected me to internet when I am able, through other pc or portable.
    Within a week should return online so speak of it because I don’t understand what you from so bother, considering that the video is found anywhere!
    Hi, and excuse me if I immediately don’t answer you.

  6. alright, I’ll allow it. But I will no longer allow my videos to be linked anymore, since I will be disabling that option from now on.

  7. It was a beautiful video,
    but for now I leave this, I don’t want to have problems for a video.
    You are free to manage your video as you believe.
    Hi, good weekend.


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